Large heavy steel production workshop

Heavy steel workshop span of 36 meters, the field span of 42.5 meters, the maximum lifting capacity of 200 tons, driving capacity of 50 / 32T, each across multiple units. Large-scale bending machine, cross-welding machine, cantilever welding machine, large-scale straightening machine, large-scale end milling, large-scale shot blasting machine, three-dimensional drilling machine, large control plane and other heavy-duty components processing equipment, with 20 *33m Sand room, spray paint room are possessed by workshop. The first to full use of The steel structure processing and manufacturing of all enclosed large spray paint room among Henan enterprise, with advanced activated carbon adsorption + catalytic combustion of VOC and other waste gas treatment equipment. Henan D.R. steel structure heavy steel workshop possesses large steel bridge, wind power tower, large H-beam, cross steel, round steel beam, large steel column, processing and manufacturing capacity. The capacity of Scale, equipment, production ranks first in Henan.


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