Beijing Capital Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. sent a letter of recognition to the company


        Recently, Xinxiang Shouchuang Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. sent a letter of commendation to the company, commending the Xinxiang municipal solid waste incineration power generation project for its efficient and timely completion of key node tasks such as steel structure, grid and curtain wall engineering.

        Since the beginning of this year, the Xinxiang Municipal Solid Waste Incineration and Power Generation Project Department has strictly implemented various anti-epidemic policies. At the request of the owner, it has taken the lead in resuming production and work after the Spring Festival. It has overcome many difficulties such as narrow construction sites, cross operations, and high-altitude operations. The construction is organized scientifically , And successfully completed key nodes such as the flue gas room of the main factory building, the garbage pit, and the roof capping of the discharge hall. During the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the project department actively organized construction personnel to speed up the construction progress, and successfully completed the major project node of the boiler room grid closure. So far, all the major nodes within the scope of our company's construction have been completed.

        In the future, the project team will continue to maintain the work style of daring to fight and overcome difficulties, and do a good job in the finishing work of the project, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation with Beijing Capital Group.

Beijing Capital Environmental Energy Co.

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