Fulfilling Social Responsibilities and Realizing the Youth's Green Dream of Football


On September 3, at the opening ceremony and opening ceremony of the 2018-2019 school year military training of Shipogu Town Junior Middle School, the company launched an activity to fund the school’s youth football team to help children who really like football realize their football dreams. Gao Guiqin, head of Shipogu Town Junior High School, Zhang Shifu, vice principal, company General Manager Zhang Yongqing, executive vice president, chief engineer Duan Changzhi, and all teachers and students of Shipogu Town Junior High School attended the funding ceremony.

Vice President Zhang Shifu delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and expressed his deep gratitude to the company for its donation. Principal Zhang pointed out that youth football is a characteristic of the school. In the nine years that the school has developed campus football, the school football team has achieved good results as the runner-up in the 2013-2014 Youth “Champions Cup” Campus Football League in Xinxiang City. Player Ma Yachao has been admitted to the Beijing Institute of Physical Education. Although school football has achieved certain results, due to funding constraints, the lack of football and clothing for many years. The company's funding is timely rain, which is bound to play a great role in promoting school football and help students realize their football dreams.

The company’s general manager Zhang Yongqing said: This funding is an important practice for the company to fulfill its social responsibilities and start school-enterprise co-construction. We are willing to do our best to provide sports equipment to the school’s football team and help the school cultivate outstanding football talents. Win glory, win glory for Yanjin. It is hoped that through this funding activity, the school will solve some of the problems in the construction of the "school football characteristic school", so that students can understand and love football; at the same time, I hope that this funding activity can sow love in the young hearts of students Seed, let them know the joy of dedication and giving, and thrive in happiness.

In the warm applause, the company's general manager Zhang Yongqing and the chief engineer Chang Zhi handed out training footballs and jerseys to the students. Gao Guiqin, the principal of Shipogu Town Junior High School, expressed their gratitude on behalf of the school.

"Kindness is like water moistening the heart, with benevolence to help grow up", I hope every student can have a bright future and be full of love for society. The company will adhere to charity and other public welfare behaviors, bravely fulfill social responsibilities, and give back to the country and society with love.

Social Responsibility

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