4*1000MW Coal-fired Unit Steel Structure Indirect Cooling Towers Are Successfully Completed


At 10:58 on August 26, with the precise placement of the final steel triangle on the 18th floor of the #4 steel structure indirect cooling tower, the main structure of the world’s first four million-unit steel structure indirect cooling tower was complete.

Zhu Lei, deputy secretary of the Party committee and deputy general manager of Guodian Shuangwei and Guoneng Group Shanghai Miao Energy Co., Ltd., Han Weidong, deputy director of the supervision unit Shandong Chengxin Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd., Xiu Ruike, project manager of the general contractor Guodian Longyuan Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., and other leaders visited the site. Wang Jianping, general manager of Shuangliang Energy Saving System Co., Ltd., and Jin Yadong, project director, Zhang chunzhan, the project manager of the Henan D.R. Steel Structure Co., Ltd., attended the topping ceremony of #4 steel structure indirect cooling tower.

The 4×1000MW coal-fired unit steel structure indirect cooling tower project of Shanghai Miao Power Plant in Ordos, Inner Mongolia is consisted of 4 all-steel structure cooling towers, each of which weighs about 6,500 tons, and the main structure consists of "cone + widening platform + cylinder + reinforcement ring". The main structure of the tower is a spatial grid structure composed of 736 lattice steel triangles. The total height of the tower is 190.2 meters, and the diameter of the tower bottom is 148.7 meters. It is the second batch of steel structure indirect cooling towers undertaken by Henan D.R. Steel Structure Co., Ltd.. The steel structure indirect cooling tower project is also the highest and largest one in the global business filed of indirect air-cooling system.

In the hoisting construction of the main structure of the #4 steel structure tower, Henan D.R. Steel Structure Co., Ltd. summarized the construction management experience of three completed steel structure cooling towers (1#, 2#, 3#). It also strictly controlled the key processes of each stage of the steel structure indirect cooling tower and continued to make breakthroughs and innovations as well as improved the refined management capabilities. In terms of safety management, the management team of the Project Department overcame the impact of pandemic and severe weather, and carefully formulated a risk prevention mechanism to ensure the smooth progress of on-site safe and civilized construction.

In the process of steel structure tower construction, Henan D.R. Steel Structure Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to technological innovation and achievement transformation and continues to make technical summaries for the construction difficulties of large-scale steel structure indirect cooling towers. Among them, "Conical Section Ring Beam Butt Welding Cage of Steel Structure Indirect Cooling Towers" and "Ridge Mounting Bracket of Steel Structures Indirect Cooling Towers Deployment Platform (Utility model and Invention Patent)" won the "2021 State Intellectual Property Office Patent " ; "Improving the Dimensional Accuracy of the Steel Triangle Installation of the Cone Section of the Steel Structures Indirect Cooling Towers " won the "2021 China Construction Industry Association QC Class II Achievement Award".

The successful completion of the project is a full demonstration of the power construction technology advantages of Henan D.R., a reflection of the results of its Department of Power Business and Henan D.R. Steel Structure Co., Ltd. in   guiding the project management throughout the process as well as the best return for the project team's focus on experience summarization and innovation management. The high-standard completion of the project has contributed to Henan D.R.’s stable power engineering market share and further enhances its brand competitiveness in the power market.



Panorama of Steel Structure Cooling Tower 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#



Group Photo of All Management Personnel of the Project Department

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