Investigation and condolences on the cold tower project of the newly built steel structure room


        On the morning of October 20th, Liu Yan, deputy secretary of the party committee and chairman of the labor union of Guodian Power Development Co., Ltd., visited the steel structure cooling tower project of the new construction of Guodian Shuangwei Power Plant undertaken by our company to condolences and visit the project personnel who are struggling in the front line of construction.

        At the construction site, Secretary Liu and his entourage had a detailed understanding of the progress of the project, and fully affirmed and sincerely thanked the construction staff and the project management team for their dedication, and requested the project department to effectively prevent and control the epidemic while effectively enhancing the safety of employees. Awareness, on the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the project, speed up the progress of the project, and at the same time scientifically and rationally adjust the working time to ensure the steady progress of various tasks.

        In the afternoon, the construction unit organized a knowledge contest on safety and environmental protection risk management and control. The theme of this competition is "advancing risk management and control in an all-round way, and building an intrinsically safe enterprise", aiming to promote the upsurge of safety knowledge learning among all participating units and create a strong atmosphere for safe production. Secretary Liu said that all units should take this competition as an opportunity to actively promote safety, strengthen safety responsibilities, adhere to the "hidden hazard as an accident" investigation concept, and comprehensively improve risk management and control capabilities.

        The first phase of the 2×1000MW unit project of Guodian Shuangwei Power Plant is a demonstration project of the National Energy Group. The total height of the cooling tower between the steel structure is 190.2 meters, a total of 18 floors, and the steel consumption of a single tower is about 6,200 tons, which is a refresh of our company’s previous location in Xilinhot. The Mengneng steel structure indirect air cooling tower is 181 meters high, which is currently the world's tallest steel structure cooling tower under construction.

        As of October 22, the 10th floor of the 1# steel structure cooling tower has been successfully closed, and the 2# tower is hoisted to the fifth floor. The closing of the 10th floor of the 1# steel structure cooling tower not only marked the realization of the major project nodes, but also opened the prelude to the efficient construction of the straight section, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of the annual goal of the 1# tower on schedule.

Secretary Liu and his party went to the construction site to give condolences

Safety and Environmental Risk Management and Control Knowledge Competition

Overview of construction progress of 1#, 2# steel structure cooling tower project

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