Shuangwei Power Plant Engineering Steel Structure Room Cooling Tower Project


        At 8:30 am on November 06, the company’s Erdos Etuoke Qianqi Shanghai Miaozhen Guodian Shuangwei Power Plant Project Department organized the first phase of the new 2×1000MW ultra-supercritical unit steel structure cooling tower project site for Guodian Shuangwei Power Plant. Planning meeting. Wu Mingquan, deputy chief engineer of the group company, Han Chaoqing, deputy manager of the electric power department, Huang Hefei, deputy manager of the electric power department, Han Fei, material and equipment supervisor of the electric power department, Xie Fuxiao, quality and technical supervisor of the electric power department, and all project management personnel attended the meeting.

        This planning meeting is divided into three parts: First, the company's assistant general manager Wang Yong introduces the organization of the Guodian Shuangwei Power Plant project (consortium), the status of the project members, the current construction progress, the quality objectives of the project, and the owner's requirements for specific reports. ;Secondly, the group company inspection team conducts on-site actual inspections on site safety and civilized construction, project quality, large-scale machinery, etc.; finally, the project manager Zhang Yanyi reports on the overall construction plan, and the group leaders participating in the meeting put forward guiding opinions on the on-site problems and planning reports .

        During the on-site inspection process, the leaders of the group company carefully inspected the high-altitude safety facilities and detailed installation and construction, the project team construction, and construction materials, put forward valuable opinions and suggestions, and fully affirmed the civilized construction of the project department. At the assembly site of steel tower components, Deputy Chief Engineer Wu Mingquan learned in detail about the assembly process of the steel triangle, communicated in-depth on the ground three-dimensional coordinate positioning and size control measures, and required the use of the steel tower BIM model to control the construction accuracy ; Pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, vigorously carry out QC topics, construction methods and patent work; strive to create high-quality projects and build the steel structure brand of Henan Second Construction.

        At 2:00 pm, a planning meeting of all managers was held in the meeting room of the project department. The project manager Zhang Yanyi reported in detail the overall plan of the steel structure cooling tower project of the new construction of Guodian Shuangwei Power Plant. Detailed reports were made from seven aspects: project overview, project management mode and organization, project management objectives, condition analysis and measures to achieve objectives, resource resolution plans, project main risks and preventive measures, and project engineering cost control plans.

        Han Fei, director of materials and equipment of the group company's power business department, Xie Fuxiao, quality and technical director, Huang Hefei, deputy manager of the power business department, and Han Chaoqing from the aspects of mechanical management, contract management, project team building, cost control, and steel structure cooling tower construction standardization system. Put forward forward-looking recommendations.

        Wu Mingquan, deputy chief engineer of the group, fully affirmed the project planning and reporting materials, and put forward many feasible suggestions for the specific application of high-tech in the project construction process, emphasizing the refinement of the process flow during the construction process, mastering key technologies, and forming the results of the construction method. The project can apply for high-tech demonstration projects in the near future, which points out the direction for project construction and excellence.

        At the meeting, the managers of the project department fully reported and communicated with the leaders of the participating groups on their job responsibilities. Wang Yong, assistant to the general manager of the company and project chief engineer, said that the project department of Guodian Shuangwei Power Plant will fully implement the contents of this planning meeting, improve the comprehensive management level of the site, do a good job of high-quality steel towers, and ensure that the goal of the National Excellence Gold Award project is achieved . At the same time, we actively strive for the ongoing two-phase bidding for steel towers for million-unit generating units to make full use of our brand advantages to expand the power steel tower market.

Project planning meeting site

Group company leaders check on-site construction documents

Group company leaders inspect the construction site

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