The 603 Coal Transport System of Huaneng Yimin Open-pit Mine Project has officially commenced operations


On August 11th and August 19th, the Huaneng Power Engineering Department of Henan D.R. Construction Group successfully achieved two major milestones in the construction and installation works of the newly constructed second crushing system for Huaneng Yimin Open-pit Mine, which involved mobile substation power transmission and full-load coal conveyance on the 603 coal transport belt. This marks the official commencement of the operation and handover of the 603 coal transport system.


The 603 coal transport system is a significant element of the newly constructed second crushing system of Huaneng Yimin Open-pit Mine. The successful operation of the system guarantees the efficient functioning of the initial rapid loading system. It not only reduces the pressure of coal transportation for external delivery to Yimin Coal and Electricity Company, but also enhances the efficiency of redundant coal transportation in the plant area. This holds great significance for the overall production operation of Yimin Coal and Electricity Company's coal transport system.


The construction of this project is a crucial step in the Group's expansion into the eastern Mongolia regional market. It also represents another breakthrough in the Group's efforts to expand its large-scale coal mine production system renovation. The Group has attached great importance to this project and has set the goal of creating a "Huaneng eastern Mongolia benchmark project" since its commencement on September 1, 2022. Thanks to the unwavering support of leaders at all levels of the Group, the project team, united and cooperative, and driven by a spirit of perseverance, has overcome various difficulties such as severe cold, intense sandstorms, delayed drawings, lengthy construction timelines, high-altitude and cross-operation, and so on. As a result, the overall construction quality, safety, and progress of the project have consistently ranked first in the plant area. The project team organized construction and management personnel to work in shifts around the clock, especially in the face of challenges such as simultaneous production operation and engineering construction during the construction of the original 5/6 coal storage bin for the 603 coal transport system, cross-construction between the modification of existing equipment and the installation of new equipment, and a construction window of only 25 days as required by the owner, ensuring the overall construction progress of the project. The targeted goals were accomplished effectively and on schedule, receiving high acclaim from the leaders of Huaneng Yimin Coal and Electricity Company, Liaoning Chengxin Construction Supervision Company, and Huaneng Eastern Mongolia Company.


The successful completion of this project construction milestone lays a solid foundation for ultimately achieving the contractual objectives. The project management team will uphold the spirit of "Henan D.R. Invincible Team" in the succeeding work by using a practical strategy, scientific organization and rigorous construction to guarantee the successful accomplishment of all construction targets.


Commendation Letter from Huaneng Yimin Power Plant to the Group

steel structure

Successful Power Transmission of Mobile Substation

steel structure

Photo of Leaders Attending the Celebration Ceremony for Full Line Connection of the 603 Coal Transport System

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