The Arching of the First-Phase Light Railway Bridge over the Ishim River in Astana City Has Been Successfully Completed


On September 19th, the arching of the steel bridge over the Ishim River for the first phase of the light railway system in Astana, Kazakhstan, was successfully completed by our subsidiary, Henan D.R. Construction Group Steel Structure Company. This marks a significant milestone in the first-phase project of the Astana Light railway system.


Kazakhstan is an important partner country in China's "Belt and Road" initiative. The project is located 500 meters south of the Presidential Palace in the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana, spanning the middle section of the Ishim River. The total steel structure weighs 2,600 tons, with an estimated project cost of approximately 50 million yuan. Once completed, it will become a landmark building in the capital city of Kazakhstan.


Since the start of construction, the Steel Structure Company has actively communicated and coordinated with the client, liaised with the local Chinese community to coordinate resources, optimized construction plans, efficiently organized on-site personnel and equipment for construction, and strengthened safety and quality management. The steel bridge arching was completed 7 days ahead of schedule, earning unanimous praise from the client, general contractor, and supervisors.


The early fulfillment of this significant project milestone reflects the continuous improvement in the overseas construction site management capabilities of the Steel Structure Company, establishing a responsible and professional corporate image. This achievement lays the foundation for future expansion into the Central Asian market and the undertaking of more overseas projects.

Photo of project personnel

steel structure

Arching of the bridge at the construction site

light railway bridge

Rendering of the Ishim River steel bridge

steel structure

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