The Pandian Interchange Steel Box Girder Bridge of Lanyuan Expressway Stretching Across Daguang Expressway Was Successfully Hoisted


On the morning of April 13, within the time required by Henan Expressway Administration, after nearly 6 hours of construction, the Pandian Interchange Steel Box Girder Bridge of Lanyuan Expressway (Fengqiu-Yuanyang) stretching across Daguang Expressway, undertaken by Henan D.R. Steel Structure Co., Ltd., was successfully hoisted. This has ensured the normal operation of Daguang Expressway as scheduled.

Hao Wenzhou, Chairman of Lanyuan Expressway Investment Group, Zhang Fenghua, Director of Henan Gaojian Supervision Company, Huang Qilong, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Fourth Company of China Railway 23rd Bureau, and Zhang Yongqing, General Manager of Henan D.R. Steel Structure Co., Ltd., witnessed the hoisting process on the construction site.

The project is located in Pandian, Fengqiu County, Xinxiang. A total of 6 steel box girders are hoisted including the main line bridge, straight ramp bridge, and arc ramp bridge, with a total weight of about 7,200 tons. The largest single component lifting weight is 278 tons. Two 500-ton crawler cranes and two 450-ton crawler cranes are used at the same time. Since an original bridge had to be demolished, the time is tight and the workload is heavy. In order to complete the hoisting on time, relevant leaders from Henan D.R. Steel Structure Company had been to the site to guide and supervise the project for many times. Finally, the project was successfully completed by making hoisting plans in advance, simulating the hoisting process, and checking each hoisting point one by one. This is a milestone in the hoisting of steel bridge single elements for Henan D.R. Steel Structure Company.

During the hoisting, Shanghai Road and Bridge (Anyang-Luoshan Expressway) Project Department sent special personnel to come to study, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention with Henan D.R. Steel Structure Company. The owner, supervisor and China Railway 13th Bureau all gave unanimous praise to the project.

It is reported that the section from Lankao to Fengqiu of Lanyuan Expressway is an important part of the expressway network in Henan Province. After the project is completed, a new east-west direction channel will be built together with the section from Fengqiu to Yuanyang of Lanyuan Expressway on the north bank of the Yellow River. It is of great significance to accelerate the integration of Zhengzhou and Xinxiang, and promote a better and faster integration of Yuanyang, Fengqiu, Lankao and other places into the Zhengzhou metropolitan area.

Aerial Image of the Construction Site

steel bridge

Group Photo of the Administrative Staff

steel structure

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