The steel structure project of the second-phase production plant project successfully completed the first hoisting


        At 8:38 am on July 27, as the first box-shaped steel column was slowly placed in place, it marked the successful completion of the first phase of the steel structure project of the second phase of the new production plant project of Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. undertaken by our company. Hang.

        Li Zhidong, General Manager of Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yu Lijiang, Director of Beijing Xingdian International Engineering Management Co., Ltd., Guan Qingtao, Chief Engineer of Beijing Changping Yijian Construction Co., Ltd., Du Weimin, Project Manager, and Li Jifeng, General Manager of Beijing Junruixianghe Labor Service Company , Duan Changzhi, deputy chief engineer of the group company, executive deputy general manager of the steel structure company, and other related unit leaders and construction personnel totaled more than 100 people to participate in the first hoisting ceremony.

        The second phase of the new production plant project of Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a key project of Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission. The address is located in Chaoqian Road, Changping District, Beijing. The total construction area is 12978.74㎡, with one basement level and five floors above ground. The project is a steel frame structure. , The steel consumption is 1,828 tons.

        This project is our company's first project to enter the Beijing market. Since the start of construction, the project team has adhered to high-standard planning and coordinated management of the project in terms of safety, quality, and schedule. In response to key issues such as the narrow steel structure construction site and the difficulty of hoisting, the project department has organized many relevant personnel to carry out planning meetings and adopted various measures to optimize the construction plan. At the same time, the company stubbornly overcomes the impact of the flooding of the production base. In the case of particularly severe disasters in their hometown, the employees of the workshop Weihui stayed at their jobs and worked overtime to ensure the progress of component production. The unity of the workshop and on-site personnel ensured the realization of important project nodes as scheduled, and the on-site project quality and progress were well received by the owners and supervisors.

Plant project steel structure engineering

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